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Yamaha FS1R

Yamaha FS1R

And now for something completely different!

Tired of the same old dull PCM playback toys? Tired of 'suit and tie' salesmen saying that their latest synth is for the 'Dance Musician'? Tired of the same old dull presets that give you no scope to make 'your' music how 'you' want it to sound?

Then try the Yamaha FS1R, and make it what you want it to be! It's a PCM free zone, and proud of it!

Formant Shaping Synthesis:
It's time to get into a new mindset of tone generator. For the first time ever in an electronic box, it's possible to produce and control sounds the likes of which you have never heard before.

Yamaha Formant Shaping Synthesis - once again a totally new concept from a team that doesn't 'read the book', it writes it. The Yamaha FS1R Formant Shaping/FM Synthesis Tone Generator can create some totally off the wall, wacky, mind bending, 'How much did I smoke last night' kinds of sounds. This doesn't mean we are locking the Yamaha FS1R into a style or category of music. The Yamaha FS1R is a difficult-to-pin-down kinda little box, that can 'squeal like a pig' if you want it to...

Synth programmers tend to like old boxes that they throw together out of all sorts of components to make up new and completely off the wall sounds. That's basically what we are saying you can do with Yamaha FS1R. Don't force people into a genre, or try to sell a concept (i.e 'HIP HOP') as it's not a commercial product. Music is a very personal thing, and with dance music for example, ought not to have a corporate label attached to it!

The engine that growls away at the heart of the Yamaha FS1R is based upon 'formants' which are the key to the Yamaha FS1R's extraordinary sound. They can be controlled via real-time controllers, envelope generators, LFOs, velocity, and a range of 90 preset "FSeqs" (Formant Sequences) which can produce unique sounds the like of which you won't have heard before.

The Yamaha FS1R also takes older, fun types of synthesis such as FM synthesis to new levels of musical versatility and control, significantly expanding the range of sound which can be produced. And since the Yamaha FS1R can receive bulk data from Yamaha DX-series synthesizers, you can easily load and use or edit existing FM voices. Of course, the ability to combine Formant Shaping with FM opens a whole new universe of musical possibilities.

Real-time control is another of the Yamaha FS1R's strong points. In addition to recognizing the full range of MIDI control change assignments, the Yamaha FS1R features four Controller Knobs which can be assigned to a wide range of parameters for extraordinarily versatile, expressive real-time performance control. The knobs also function as data entry controls while editing for fast, efficient operation. The Yamaha FS1R can respond to up to 16 controllers for sound manipulation at once, and has a lightning fast low pass filter that can make your stomach turn.

The Yamaha FS1R also offers an extraordinary range of 1536 voice memories and 512 performance memories (including a number of 'mad as a hatter' FM sounds), a powerful internal effects system, flexible EQ - just to give you more to play during those long hours at the studio.

If you're looking for a branded 'box' that has 'Dance Music' stamped all over it (and a total personality bypass inside it) then this isn't the box for you. If you want to have some serious fun, something that you can totally get into, totally create your own feel, then check out the Yamaha FS1R.

Yamaha FS1R Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Tone Generator :Formant Shaping / FM Synthesis, LFO1/LFO2/Dynamic Filter/Pitch EG/Filter EG
Maximum Polyphony :32 (without Filter) / 16 (with Filter)
Number of Multitimbral Parts :4 parts (16 MIDI channels)
Operators :8 Voiced Operator + 8 Unvoiced Operator per Voice
Algorithm :88
Effects :15 (Reverb), 28 (Variation), 40 (Insertion)
Performances :384 (Preset 256/User 128) to be made up of up to 4 part of Voice programs as layer/split
Voice number :1536 (Preset 128 x 11 bank + User 128)
Display :LCD Custom (Character&Graphic) w/backlit LED 8
Compatibility :Receive DX7 MIDI Bulk dump (1 voice format only)
Connectors :Headphones, Stereo Output (L/ Mono, R), Individual Output (L/R), MIDI In/Out/Thru
Controllers :Control Knob 4 Assignable / Fixed (Attack/Release/Formant/FM), Volume Knob
Dimensions :480(W) x 235(D) x 44(H) mm
Weight :2.6 kg

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