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Yamaha CS6X

Yamaha CS6X
Manufacturer: Yamaha

Model: CS6X

Website: Yamaha

Shape your sound exactly the way you want it. The Yamaha CS6x provides a wealth of assignable knobs, as well as 2 Programmable or morphable scenes, giving you total real-time control over voice creation.

The Yamaha CS6x uses the now standard 3.3V smart media cards. Phrase sample clips, SMF sequences and other synthesizer data can be conveniently stored on huge capacity SmartMedia cards, thus giving you the advantage of a large storage capacity without the bulk and high cost associated with traditional memory cards. 4, 8, 16, and 32MB cards are supported, and 3.3V SmartMedia unlike the 5V variety favoured by certain other companies.

Digital Effects
A3000/EX7 style effects processing taken a whole stage further with a whole new set of cool algorithms that will make your ears bleed with ecstasy. Effects that make those on the EX5 and A3000 seem old hat.

Filters that just don't exist on the other CS synths
A totally new CS filter section with BPF, 4 Pole , 3 Pole, 2 Pole, and Hi-pass, Low pass 24db analogue style, Lpf 18 soft, low pass 6dB, high pass 12, 24 and 12, Bpf 6, and 12, BPF wide, BEF 6.

Bit by Bit
Drop your bit depth on the output using our bit depth effect down to as low as 4 bit for some real grunge. Supreb way to simulate some of the older keyboards loved so much by the underground dance market.

Trance Nation
If you like Trance, this is the machine for you. Voiced extensively in the UK and Germany by some leading exponents in the field of trance music. The Yamaha CS6x is a worthy successor to the Jupiter's, TB's , Wavestations and Juno's loved by trance musicians. Some of the sounds can take minutes to evolve and move fully through their cycles.

Phrase Sampling
Load in user samples, or record them via the AD inputs (with effects if required) and treat them via the massive amounts of synth power onboard. Beat remixing makes life easier than ever, and up to 256 loops can sit in the Yamaha CS6x at the same time.

128 Arpeggio types with filter arpeggiation options to create some really off the wall sounds. Again, killer for trance music.

PLG Prepared!
The Yamaha CS6x's pair of expansion slots allow for easy installation of any two of Yamaha's PLG line of Modular Synthesis Plug-in Expansion boards. Essentially a complete synthesizer on one card, each plug-in board can add both polyphony and new synthesis technologies to the CS6x.

Yamaha CS6X Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Keyboard :61-key, initial touch/after touch
Tone Generator :AWM2
Multitimbraility :16 + 1 (A/D) + 1 (Phrase Clip) + 2 (Plug-in)
Maximum Polyphony :64 notes
Arpeggiator :128 arpeggio types
Effects :88 fully editable effects
Normal Voices :256 Preset, 128 User
Drum Kits :8 kits
Performances :128 User, 64 External
Phrase Clip Memory :4 MB (volatile)
Clips :256
Clip Kits :4 (73 Key x 4 sets)
Sampling Freq. :44.1 kHz, 16-bit Linear
Display :Custom LCD
External Memory :Card Smart Media 3.3 V
Expandability :2 Slots for Plug-in Boards
Connectors :Headphones, Stereo Output (L/ Mono, R), Individual Output 1 and 2 Breath Controller Stereo Input 1 and 2, Foot Controller (assignable), Foot Volume (assignable), Footswitch (assignable), MIDI In/Out/Thru, To Host
Controllers :Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel (assignable), Ribbon Controller, Assignable Knob x 5, Sound Control knobs x 14, Volume Knob x 5, Data Entry/Page Knob x 2, A/D Input Gain
Dimensions :1019 mm x 357 mm x 109 mm
(40-1/8" x 14-9/16" x 4-3/8")
Weight :11.6 Kg (25.6 lbs)

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