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Roland JX-305 GrooveSynth


The JX-305 GrooveSynth is a high-performance synthesizer with killer sounds and massive realtime control. Sporting a 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, full 64-voice polyphony, a robust 8-part sequencer and 768 preset dance- and groove-oriented patterns, the JX-305 represents an affordable, powerful and extremely fun-to-play synth for groove-minded musicians worldwide.

The JX-305 not only incorporates the fat, dance-oriented sound set of the MC-505 Groovebox, but an additional 4MB of wave memory for traditional instrument sounds as well (640 patches total; 28 rhythm sets). The end result is a great sounding collection of instruments ranging from floor-pounding kick drums, ticky snares, fat bass sounds and screaming TB-303's to acoustic guitars and pianos of the highest order. From the latest groove music to rock and pop instrumentation, this synth has got it covered.

To truly justify the name "GrooveSynth," Roland enlisted the help of some of the world's most sought-after sound designers to design the JX-305's 768 Preset patterns. These authentic, speaker-pounding patterns cover all facets of groove-oriented music, from Techno, Drum 'n' Bass and Hip-Hop to Reggae, Latin grooves and more. Musicians can use these Preset patterns "as is" or edit and combine them using the 8-part sequencer into new User patterns. Grab a bass line here, tweak a drum beat there--the groove possibilities become endless...

Central to the JX-305 is its intuitive, performer-friendly interface. It sports nine realtime control knobs including Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Envelope Depth, Cutoff, Resonance, Arpeggio and Quantize. These knobs allow for quick, powerful sound creation and can be used in conjunction with the onboard pattern-based sequencer. Other standout features include a powerful Arpeggiator with 53 different styles; a Quantize function with Grid, Groove (71 types) and Shuffle; and a Realtime Phrase Sequencer where users can create and store up to 960 cool musical phrases, ready for instant playback at any time.

All pattern sequencing can be performed quickly and easily on the JX-305's straightforward 8-track sequencer, which can store 50,000 notes internally and additional 220,000 or 480,000 notes on optional 2MB and 4MB SmartMedia cards, respectively.

Rounding out this cool synth is a powerful effects processor which offers independent reverb (2 types) and delay (6 types) effects, as well as 24 different multi-effects types (64 combinations total). The JX-305 features full MIDI implementation (In, Out, Thru) with all control knobs transmitting, as well as expression pedal, hold pedal and assignable footswitch jacks.

JX-305 Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Keyboard :61-key, velocity sensitive
Maximum Polyphony :64 voices
Number of Multitimbral Parts :24 (8 main, 16 RPS)
Memory Capacity Patches :Internal 640, User 128
Memory Capacity Rhythm Sets :Internal 28
Memory Capacity Patterns :Internal 268, User 256, RPS 500, opt. 2MB-card 200 (max.)
System Common Effects :Reverb (2 types), Delay (6 types)
EFX :24
Sequencer Section
Data Storage :SmartMedia Cards (2MB and 4MB)
Tracks :8 Tracks (16 MIDI Channels per Track)
Internal Memory :50,000 notes
External MFD :220,000 notes (2MB card) or 480,000 (4MB card)
Display :16 characters X 2 lines backlit LCD
Connectors :Output (L(Mono)/R), Hold, Pedal 1/2, Phones, MIDI IN / OUT / THRU
Dimensions :1011(W) x 289(D) x 83(H) mm (49" X 14" X 4")
Weight :6.9kg (14 lbs 8 oz)

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