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Native Instruments FM7 Sounds Vol. 1

In the late 60s John Chowning, the then Director of the Centre for Computer Research and Musical Acoustics at Stanford University, began experiments in digital synthesis.
In the 70s, the findings of his research into Frequency Modulation were licensed to Yamaha, the outcome was, in 1983, the release of a synth that was set to help define the sound of the 80s. The Yamaha DX7.

Native-Instruments have refined this classic to fit into the modern software synth market, the result is the FM7, a 6 operator FM synth with the added benefits of total midi control, 64 voice polyphony and much more.

Native Instruments released FM7 SOUNDS VOL. 1, a collection of 256 new sounds (or patches) for the Native Instrumentís FM7 virtual synthesizer.


Installation is very easy. Simply click on the installer and the sounds are copied onto your hard drive in a folder named FM7 Sounds Vol. 1.
If your copy of FM7 is earlier than v1.1, the installer will also update your FM7 application, so you will have the latest version.

Load them...

Of course you want to use the new sounds, so we have to load them first. You simply click the LOAD button on FM7, navigate to the FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 folder, select the bank, or banks, you wish to load and youíre ready to go.

FM7 Sounds

The sounds are divided into 4 categories: pads, loops, drum and percussion and synths.
Each category contains 64 new sounds designed by four top sound designers. The booklet provides a list of the sounds with their names, authors, and assigned controllers.

Are the sounds good? In one word: Yes! They truly blew me away, but what makes a sound good is very subjective.
Like any collection of sounds, there will be some you love and some you will never use. However, they are all very high quality, and I found far more that I liked (and could use) than I didnít.

If you want to hear some samples yourself, we have six samples available for you.


If you would rather spend your time making music than programming sounds, FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 is a great deal for you.
You get an awesome, ready to go, set of new sounds for Native Instruments FM7.

I think that most people will like the sounds and if you don't... Remember that you can always tweak the sound to create your own.

FM7 Sounds

  • 256 new presets for FM7
  • Specially designed for the FM7 sound synthesis abilities
  • Programmed by excellent sound designers
  • Well organized into different categories
Content Bank 1 - Pads & Loops (128)

Bank 1a - PADS 1 (32)
Bank 1b - PADS 2 (32)
Bank 1c - LOOPS 1 (32)
Bank 1d - LOOPS 2 (32)

Content Bank 2 - Drums & Synths (128)

Bank 2a - DRUMS 1 (32)
Bank 2b - DRUMS 2 (32)
Bank 2c - SYNTHS 1 (32)
Bank 2d - SYNTHS 2 (32)


Here are six FM7 presets as previews in MP3 format:

Abfahrer (size: 644K)
Aquazoo (size: 488K)
Bacterium (size: 398K)
Fxxx Sequence (size: 597K)
Midnight Buzz (size: 321K)
Sphere Gruv (size: 585K)

More information

For more information on FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 visit http://www.nativeinstruments.de/.

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