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Image Line Software FL Studio 4

FL Studio is based upon the Fruityloops technology, but got a major update in both looks and features. This FL Studio will focus more on becoming the best price/quality virtual studio available on PC today.

With a build-in full-featured sequencer, support for both VSTi & DXi plugins, advanced MIDI, 64-tracks advanced Mixer, Audio Tracks, Wave Editor and included high-quality Sound generators it has become a tempting tool for both the beginning as the advanced music producer.

FL Studio is based on open standards.
It can play any sample file (wav, simsynth, drumsynth) or any Fruity/VSTi/DXi/BUZZ sound Generator or Effect you feed it and export your work to WAV, MP3, MIDI or its own Fruity file format.
In addition, FL Studio itself can be used as VSTi or DXi plugin into other host applications (Cubase, Logic, Orion,...)
The new stunning, photo realistic user interface will push your creative forces to new heights. Features

FL Studio includes all features which came with Fruityloops.

  • New Mixer with 64 channels, Track rerouting and chaining, Track recording with ASIO input channels support, Integrated track equalizer, volume and panning controls, Automated effects mute and effects mix level
  • New audio tracks with waveform preview & support for cue points
  • Direct-to-disk recording & offline rendering of mixer tracks
  • Integrated Wave Editor
  • 64 FX tracks
  • New "Piano Roll" playlist style, showing the accurate pattern lengths
  • Patterns can start at any time (not aligned to bars anymore)
  • Now supports custom grid length for each individual pattern
  • New Live Mode for live performances and quick tests
  • New Cut & Paint tools are available in the Playlist and Piano Roll windows
  • The Fruityslicer now autoslices all beats without the need for BeatSlicer
  • Usable as DXi client (usable in Sonar)
  • Dashboard (allows you to design & draw your own internal & midi controllers)
  • Boobass (realistic Fender Bass simulator)
  • Wave Traveller ('travel' through wave files using a spline based path)
  • Updated Beepmap
  • Support for multiout VSTi plugins (generators only)
  • a lot of smaller features, updates & bugfixes

FL Studio 4

FL Studio 4

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/Millenium/2000/XP, minimum 486 processor, but Pentium II processor or higher recommended, 16 MB RAM (64 MB recommended), sound card

More information

For more information on FL Studio 4 visit http://www.flstudio.com/.

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