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Image Line Software introduces Morphine 1.1 26 July 2007
Image Line Software, the creator of FL Studio, has released its first additive synthesizer, Morphine. With a flexible architecture and low CPU usage algorithms that retain a warm sound, Morphine introduces a revolution to the world of Additive Synthesis. Available in AudioUnit, VSTi and Standalone versions.

E-MU announces its new PM5 Precision Monitor 6 December 2005
E-MUs new PM5 Precision Monitor has been designed from the ground up to deliver hyper-accurate audio in a compact design.
From its custom audiophile amplifiers (Class-A input and MOSFET output stages) to its world-class drivers and premium cabinet, the PM5 offers superior imaging and hi-end transient detail with linear frequency response rivaling compact nearfield monitors over twice the price. Professional features like overload protection, balanced/unbalanced inputs, and treble, bass and input sensitivity controls ensure that the PM5 will seamlessly integrate into any studio environment.

MPCsounds.com has just released the 'Platinum Rhythmz 2' sequel 5 December 2005
MPCsounds.com has just released the 'Platinum Rhythmz 2' sequel drum loop library for the Akai MPC1000/2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 drum samplers.
The 'Platinum Rhythmz 2' library is offered as 2 separate sets for the Akai MPC2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 and as 1 complete set for the MPC1000. Sets are available on MPC Zip Disk, MPC CD-ROM & Download.

Akai MPC1000 Black Edition 1 December 2005
Akai annouces a black MPC1000: the MPC 1000 BK. All the features from his Blue brother are copied to this black machine.
The Akai Professional MPC1000BK Music Production Center combines a 64-Track MIDI Sequencer and a 32-voice Stereo Digital Sampler, with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads in a compact and rugged package that makes it ideal for carrying around.

Korg announces TR Music Workstation 7 November 2005
Introducing the KORG TR Music Workstation. Start with Korg’s proven Hyper Integrated sound engine – the synthesis system that has made the TRITON a world-wide standard. Add in a comprehensive 64 MB ROM which includes many new sounds - as well as Korg classics. Bring it all up-to-date with totally new features including USB MIDI capabilities and reliable, portable SD card data storage. Package it all in a sleek black body housing Korg’s classic 16-track sequencer, superb effects engine, and top it off with a clear and user-friendly interface.

Yamaha announces MO6 and MO8 3 November 2005
Yamaha introduces the MO Music Production Synthesizer. Targeted to semi-professional musicians and home/project studio owners as well as songwriters and performers, the MO provides a full set of authentic sounds and comprehensive music-making features—including an emphasis on contemporary styles and voices. Highly portable and compact, the MO also serves as an ideal keyboard for live performance situations.

Roland Fantom S and Roland V-Synth 17 January 2003
Roland announced the Fantom S and V-Synth synthesizers.

Cakewalk and Cubase download sections 10 January 2003
Many people are asking for Cakewalk Instrument Definitions and Cubase Patch lists. We have collected some of these files and now we bring you a little archive.
Please help us to make this archive bigger and send us your files.

Korg microKORG 3 December 2002
Korg have announced the launch of the microKORG. With 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs, the microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for the performer, producer, computer musician or beginner looking for an affordable synthesizer.

E-MU Vintage Pro 21 November 2002
E-mu have announced the launch of the Vintage Pro module. This 1U unit offers the full range of classic keyboard sounds from the 60's to the 80's.
It offers a 32MB soundset coupled with four knobs allowing real-time control of 12 parameters, 128-voice polyphony, six analogue outputs, three Proteus expansion slots and digital out.

Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox 14 October 2002
The Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox is an entirely new type of professional music workstation. With expandable synthesis including new ROM waveforms and professional sampling, the worlds of audio and MIDI are fused together in an ultra-intuitive environment. Factor in a pro-level sequencer and effects—plus a USB port for exchanging samples and sequences with a PC—and the MC-909 has everything producers need to complete their musical vision.

Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4 20 August 2002
Sonic Foundry Inc., a leading digital media software solutions company, today announced the release of ACID PRO 4.0, Sonic Foundry's award-winning, professional loop-based music creation tool that allows users to create original, royalty-free music.
This newest release includes sought-after professional features designed to help music and multi-media professionals produce high-quality musical arrangements—using pre-recorded sound clips called loops—for use in production, commercial recording, streaming media creation and corporate audio-video presentations.

Native Instruments FM7 1.1 update 25 June 2002
Native Instruments FM7 is a milestone in the development of FM synthesizers. Due to its hugely extended synthesis architecture and ease-of-use, the sonic possibilities for creating classic or innovative sounds are endless.
With the new update 1.1 FM7 becomes even more powerful and fun to program: Version 1.1 allows for syncing envelopes with other operator envelopes, includes an improved randomise function, a new pitchbend mode, the ability to import MIDI-SysEx Microtuning scales and SysEx data from the Yamaha V50, enhanced integration in Logic 5, and more.

Propellerheads Reason 2.0 13 March 2002
Propellerhead Software, the Swedish company behind acclaimed products such as Reason, Recycle! and ReBirth announced Reason 2.0, an upgrade to its popular flagship music software program.
Reason is an enormously successful software program for both Windows and Mac platforms that emulates a rack of electronic synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, FX’s and sequencers. Though only released in November 2000, Reason has already received many prestigious industry awards and established itself as the most exciting music software product of the decade.

Fruityloops 3 7 February 2001
Planet-Groove is giving away a version of Fruityloops Full ($99) and Fruityloops Pro ($49).
If you wanna WIN a Fruityloops Full ($99) or Fruityloops Pro ($49), take some time to check out this form.

Fruityloops is the number one loop and songcreation tool on the net. Started out as a Drum Loop Creator, it quickly moved on to a complete virtual studio. You'll create wav, mp3 or midi loops only minutes after launching it.
Fruityloops can play any sample file (wav), generator (Fruityloops soft- synth) or VSTinstrument you feed it. We also can assure you that the stunning, photorealistic interface will push your creative forces to new heights.

New features :

1. The Pianoroll (full version only)
The pianoroll allows you to compose the most incredible melodies using chords, notelenghts, color coded slides, ... at any length you want. All Panning, Velocity, Cuttoff, Resonance, ... parameters can be controlled on a note by note basis and using 'slides' you can make your notes slice from the one to the other.

2. VSTinstrimunts (VST2 plugins)
The included VSTi wrapper allows you to load and use your favorite VST-instruments. VST instruments has become an industry standard for high quality music/sound plugins.

3. 3xOsc softsynth (generator)
The 3xOsc generator is a very powerful subtractor syntheziser with 3 oscillators. Due to its basic architecture it's a very efficient generator that hardly stresses your CPU.

4. Plucked String
The Plucked! generator produces realistic Plucked Strings sounds. Combine this with our included 'Blood Overdrive' plugin and you'll produce screaming guitars in no time.

5. Generator support
FruityLoops supports external Generators. Included are full working demos (save disabled) of ... * SimSynth Live : SimSynth Live captures the big multi-oscillator sound of a MiniMoog, and combines it with the warm, fat sound of Oberheim style SVF filters; * WASP : The WASP generator is analogue-style, three-operator FM synthesizer with ring modulation and variable pulse-width.

6. Fruity Plugins
Fruityloops v3.0 also comes with a load of own plugins. Some of these have been developed by respective partners such as Ultrafunk's Reeverb & Compressor (each a $50 value), Smart Electronix Flanger.

7. New Interface
The interface has been totaly redesigned to become a strong balance between ease-of-use and power-use.

Fruityloops comes in two flavours : Fruityloops Pro ($49) and Fruityloops Full ($99).

Roland XV-88, XV-3080, XV-5080 16 February 2000
Roland announces the XV-88, XV-3080 and the XV-5080.
The Roland XV-serie comes with some nice features, 128-voice, 64MB expansion cards, nice effects and much more.

Yamaha CS6X/CS6R 17 September 1999
Yamaha announces the CS6X and CS6R.
The CS6X/CS6R comes with some nice features. A phrase sampler, two expansion slots, some nice effects and much more.

Roland Country Expansion Board 18 August 1999
Roland announces the SR-JV80-17 Country Collection Expansion Board.
With this new Expansion board, owners of expandable XP- or JV-Series synths can equip their instruments with the latest Country sounds.

Buy Roland Gear online! 26 July 1999
We joined a Partner Program with Rolandshop.com. You can now buy your Roland Gear online for a nice price!

Korg N5EX 20 May 1999
Korg announces the Korg N5EX Control Synthesizer.
A new AI2 64-voice control synth with more PCM memory and arpeggiator.

Ensoniq Fizmo Rack 29 April 1999
Ensoniq announces the Fizmo Rack Synthesizer.
In response to the overwhelming requests from dealers and customers worldwide, Ensoniq announces the Fizmo rack, a 5U rack-mount version of the successful real-time Transwave synth.
Fizmo Rack utilizes real-time Transwave synthesis, a powerful synthesis engine capable of 48-voice polyphony, state-of-the-art 20-bit output converters, 24-bit on-board effects with 41 algorithms including the new Ensoniq Vocoder, an arpeggiator with 118 editable patterns, and a Flash OS that is user upgradeable via the internet.

Yamaha CS2X 5 March 1999
Yamaha announces the Yamaha CS2X Synthesizer, the next step in affordable synthesis.
The secret of the CS1x's success was that Yamaha looked at the current state of play with regards to all other keyboards, looked at the price that people really wanted to pay, and Yamaha talked to end users about what they wanted.
The CS2x follows on in this tradition, and improves on the CS1x in all the areas that were needed to be.

Roland XP-30 3 February 1999
Roland announces the Roland XP-30 Synthesizer, carrying a surprisingly low list price.
Its combination of professional features, vast expandability and an elegant, intuitive user interface makes the XP-30 the perfect keyboard for performers, composers and MIDI musicians of all types.

Roland Expansion Boards 3 February 1999
Roland announces the SR-JV80-15 Special FX Collection and the SR-JV80-16 Orchestral II Expansion Board.
With these new Expansion boards, owners of expandable XP- or JV-Series synths can equip their instruments with the latest Special FX or Orchestral sounds.

Roland Expansion Boards 24 July 1998
Roland announces the SR-JV80-13 Vocal Collection and the SR-JV80-14 Asian Expansion Board.
With these new Expansion boards, owners of XP-50/60/80 Music Workstations and many JV Series synths can equip their instruments with the latest Vocal or Asian sounds.

Akai S5000 and S6000 samplers 25 May 1998
At the recent Music Messe in Frankfurt Germany, Akai offered a sneak preview of their next generation of digital samplers. To say that the new S5000 and S6000 turned heads is an understatement. Sporting industry-leading specs, a stunning new user interface based on a huge graphic LCD, and prices that will redefine professional sampler cost/performance, the S5000 and S6000 clearly represent new standards of power, usability and affordability.
Although not scheduled for release until later this year, you can get an advance look at what makes the Akai S5000 and S6000 so exciting in their web preview.

Cakewalk 7 8 May 1998
Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. announces Cakewalk 7 software.
Whether you make music professionally or for personal enjoyment, Cakewalk makes it easier, faster, and more enjoyable. You can use Cakewalk software to capture your first musical inspiration; arrange, edit, and print notation; produce CD-quality recordings; score for film and video projects; deliver music on the Internet; and more.
It is a complete environment for music and sound production.

Roland XP-60 Workstation 21 February 1998
Roland announces the Roland XP-60 Workstation. Incorporating many of the features of the flagship XP-80, yet carrying a surprisingly low list price.
Its combination of professional features, vast expandability and an elegant, intuitive user interface makes the XP-60 the perfect keyboard for performers, composers and MIDI musicians of all types.

Hip Hop Collection 21 February 1998
Roland announces the SR-JV80-12 Hip Hop Collection Expansion Board.
With this new Expansion board, owners of XP-50/60/80 Music Workstations and many JV Series synths can equip their instruments with all the latest, fattest Hip-Hop sounds.

Korg N5 21 February 1998
Korg announces the Korg N5 Control Synthesizer.
A new AI2 64-voice control synth from Korg.

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