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Korg TR-Rack

Korg TR-Rack

The awesome sound of the TRINITY in a 1U rack module introducing the TR-Rack ACCESS sound module!

ACCESS (Advanced Control Combined Synthesis System) is the tone generation system that is featured on KORG's highly acclaimed TRINITY synthesizers. It offers the highest fidelity PCM playback with unparalleled expressive and modulation capabilities.

All 32Mbytes of PCM were recorded and playback highest-quality 48kHz sampling rate to ensure that the "ultimate sonic moments" of the best instruments played by the best musicians are preserved. In addition to the full soundset of the TRINITY, the TR-Rack has an additional 8Mbytes of new PCM data, including the best sounds from the TRINITY's four wave expansions libraries. This totals up to a whopping 415 multisamples and 458 drum samples.

The rest of the ACCESS specs are equally impressive dual multi-mode resonant filters (high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, and band reject modes available), 8 X-steps EG's, 2 of LFO's per oscillator, single / dual oscillator modes with velocity switching per oscillator and much more! The TR-Rack offers the most complete effects capabilities of any synth up to 10 effects at once(8 insert and 2 master effects). And, with 100 types of insertion effects, 6 types of Master modulation and 8 types of Master reverb/delay you can get the perfect mix for your music!

In addition to the full pre-load data from the TRINITY, the TR-Rack provides 2 new banks of programs and combinations (up to 8 programs per) for a total of 1,024 sounds (512 programs and 512 combinations). Many of these new sounds were created especially for the TR-Rack, utilizing the new 8Mbytes of PCM.

In Program Edit mode, the most important parameters have been selected and arranged to ensure easy editing. For full editing ease the forthcoming SoundDiver for KORG TRINITY editing software will allow you to use your personal computer, connecting with a single cable via the PC I/F port (optional AG-001/002B cable required).

The TR-Rack is fully compatible with data created for the TRINITY Keyboards, and when connected together allows full editing of the TR-Rack from the front panel of a TRINITY Keyboard.

The TR-Rack is 16-part multi-timbral, and provides four outputs for critical mixing needs. It has a large backlit 40 character display, and offers an A4 audition button to help check sounds or troubleshoot your connections even when no keyboard is connected. A Reset button is also provided to clear any possible stuck notes quickly.

To keep your sound as clean and cutting-edge as possible you can add an ADAT format compatible digital output (DI-TRI) to the TR-Rack. This enables you to send the four audio output signals digitally to any mixer, signal processor, computer card or recorder equipped with this industry-standard interface.

Korg TR-Rack Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Sound Generation :ACCESS (Advanced Control Combined Synthesis System)
Sound Source :32 voices (single mode), 16 voices (double mode)
Waveform Memory :PCM 32 Mbytes, 48kHz sampling
Memory Capacity :512 Programs and 512 Combinations
Effects :114 dynamic multi-effects, 8 insert and 2 master effects available simultaneously
Display :LED 20 characters x 2 lines with backlight
Connectors :1/L(Mono), 2/R, 3, 4 output, Phones, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, Foot switch, Foot pedal
Dimensions :19"(W) x 10.4"(D) x 1.7"(H)
Weight :6.2 lbs

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