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Korg ElecTribe Sampler mkII

Korg ElecTribe Sampler mkII
Manufacturer: Korg

Model: ElecTribe Sampler mkII

Website: Korg

The Korg ElecTribe Sampler mkII

Fresh up-to-date patterns, a new Mod. Delay effect, and a sleek metal chassis make the Electribe S mkII an even more radical sampler than ever before.
The ES mkII packs a full complement of sampler functionality into a compact package. The intuitive knob-based interface delivers the extreme sound-modifying potential and that has set the Electribe series at the front of the pack. Rhythmic programming using the sixteen pad keys is flexible and fast, letting you construct rhythm patterns and break beats quickly and easily. The ES-1mkII lets your creative imagination flow directly into the rhythms that form the core of dance music.

  • Create your own samples or import audio material to create rhythm patterns quickly and easily. A must-have tool for creators of break-beat music!
  • Time Slice function lets you divide a sampled groove into individual samples, allowing you to alter individual steps and change the tempo without affecting the pitch
  • The ES-1mkII ships with an expanded preload data set 64 preloaded patterns and 86 preloaded samples including numerous fresh patterns for the latest hip-hop and R&B styles
  • Eleven powerful effects, including an all-new Modulation Delay for extreme sound-creating potential
  • Step and Real time sequencing allows you to create patterns quickly and accurately by playing directly on the step or part keys
  • Arrange patterns into Pattern Sets for realtime performance, or string them together into full length Songs
  • Motion Sequence records your real-time filter or effect knob tweaks directly into the pattern or a song
  • Resample internally as you play with the knobs, mute parts, etc. with no loss in audio quality!
  • In additional to sampling, the audio inputs allow an external sound source to be processed using the ES-1mkII's knobs and switches. You can also rhythmically gate the audio input as part of a pattern
  • Sample, song and pattern data can be saved to convenient SmartMedia. You can also import sample data (WAV or AIFF) via SmartMedia

Sophisticated sample editing allows you to create intense rhythm patterns

The Electribe-S mkII lets you create rhythm patterns by assembling phrases using your favorite samples. The sound of each sample can be radically altered using the knobs to control the pitch and filter, reversing the sample, or adding effects. You're not limited to simply playing back a sampled sound you can process it as freely as you would on an analog synth. There's also a Time Slice function that detects the attacks within a sample and slices it, letting you handle each sliced sample separately. For example you can change the pitch and filter settings for just the kick drum, mute individual hits or modify the tempo without changing the pitch of the loop. Of course you can use the knobs to create tonal changes in sliced phrases as well.

Ready to go

The updated preload data includes 64 patterns and 86 samples. Even without loading any additional samples, you've got plenty of superb material for immediate use in your cutting-edge hip-hop, R&B, house, and drum'n'bass dance music.

Versatile effect section featuring an all-new new Mod. Delay

The ES mkII provides two effect processors: a master delay, plus one of eleven effect types that can be switched the effect on/off for each part. The eleven effect types range from staples such as Reverb and Flanger/Chorus to unique effects like Decimator, Isolator, and Resonance Filter. There's also a new Mod. Delay that can produce exciting time-based variations in the delay. You can use the knobs to directly edit these effect parameters, and of course your knob movements can be captured as a motion sequence in the pattern.

Resampling provides unlimited flexibility!

You can play your sampled sounds and parts through the effects, modify the pitch and other parameters in realtime, and then resample the result to create totally new sounds. Resampling takes place totally in the digital domain, so there is never any loss of audio quality.

Create rhythm patterns quickly

The Electribe-S mkII lets you use as many as ten individual sampled parts as building blocks for creating patterns. The sequencer interface is highly visual and extremely easy to use. A measure (or two beats) is divided into sixteen steps, and you can create a pattern simply by touching the keys on the steps where you want a sample to sound. You can play a roll or reverse a sample simply by pressing a single button, creating complex rhythm patterns easily and immediately.

Motions Sequence records your realtime knob movements

The Motion Sequence function on the Electribe-S mkII records your knob movements to create realtime tonal changes to enhance your patterns. For each part, you can select one of four parameters pitch, filter, level, or pan (plus effect on/off) and use Motion Sequence to record any changes you make to that parameter. Changes in master delay depth and time, as well as the movement of the two effect edit knobs can also be recorded and played back to create exciting dynamic changes. In particular, you can control Roll and Reverse using just a single button and record the On/Off movements for these parameters, quickly adding complexity to your totally original rhythm patterns.

Convenient and reliable SmartMedia data storage

The Electribe-S mkII uses SmartMedia to store your samples, original patterns, and songs. You can also load AIFF or WAV files via SmartMedia, utilizing data from your computer. The Electribe-S mkII can use any 3V SmartMedia card, from 4 MB to 64 MB.

Korg ElecTribe Sampler mkII Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Number of parts :12 (One Shot=9, Slice Part=1, Audio In Part=1, Accent Part=1)
Sampling Frequency :32kHz
Maximum Sampling Time :95 (mono) / 47.5 (stereo) seconds, saving to internal memory
Number of Samples :100 (mono) + 50 (stereo)
Memory :128 patterns, 16 songs
Master Effect :Delay (Normal, Motion Sequence, BPM sync)
Effects :11 types (Reverb, Flanger/Chorus, Phaser, Ring Modulator, Pitch Shifter, Compressor, Distortion, Decimator, Isolator, Resonance Filter, Modulation Delay)
Sequencer :(Pattern) 64 steps maximum per part, motion sequence, 1 parameter per part, 64 events, One Shot part=4 parameters, Audio In part=3 parameters, Accent part=1 parameter, Delay=2 parameters, Effects=2 parameters : (Song) 256 patterns maximum per song, event recording: 43,700 events maximum per song
Song :256 patterns maximum per song

Input :AUDIO IN (1/4" stereo phone jack, Level switch LINE / MIC, Gain adjustment knob)
Output :L/MONO, R, Headphones
External Memory :SmartMedia (4 to 64 MB, 3.3V)
AD/DA Conversion :20 bit linear
MIDI :In, Out, Thru
Dimensions :296(W) x 220(D) x 55(H)mm
11.65"(W) x 8.66"(D) x 2.17"(H)
Weight :1.6kg / 3.53 lbs

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