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Korg ElecTribe Analog mkII

Korg ElecTribe Analog mkII
Manufacturer: Korg

Model: ElecTribe Analog mkII

Website: Korg

Download MP3 Electribe Mix 1 music demo of the Korg EA mkII (size: 6.73MB)
Download MP3 Electribe Mix 2 music demo of the Korg EA mkII (size: 4.53MB)
Download MP3 Electribe Mix 3 music demo of the Korg EA mkII (size: 4.93MB)

The demos use the EA mkII and ER mkII synced together.

The Korg ElecTribe Analog mkII

Use the Electribe A mkII’s panel knobs and keys to intuitively create synthesizer sounds. In addition to its analog synth sounds that have been acclaimed around the world, the freshly designed Electribe A mkII also contains numerous new patterns perfect for today’s dance music styles.

  • Compact analog synthesizer producing cutting-edge sounds and phrases
  • Powerful Cross Modulation adds a new dimension to your sounds
  • Many new patterns represent the latest dance styles
  • Audio Input for filtering and effecting other sources
  • Step Sequencer for easy pattern creation
  • “Motion Sequence” function records knob movements
  • Effects (distortion, delay, chorus/flanger) for each part
  • Play the 16 step keys like a keyboard
  • Use the Pattern Set Play function to switch patterns on the fly from the step keys
  • Control the Electribe A mkII from an external sequencer or keyboard

The Electribe A mkII is a compact synthesizer that lets you create the sounds and phrases indispensable for today’s club scene, from warm and fat analog synthesizer sounds to aggressively distorted sounds. Simply turn the knobs to tweak the sounds to your heart’s content.
You can create sequence phrases consisting of two synthesizer parts, and save the sound of each part together with its sequence phrase (maximum 64 steps) as one of 256 patterns. Combinations of patterns together with knob movements and other settings can be saved as one of sixteen songs.

Cross Modulation and new patterns

The newly added Cross Modulation function lets the frequency (pitch) of oscillator 1 modulate the waveform of oscillator 2, producing complex overtone structures. Using cross modulation and the further-enhanced filter you can create an even broader range of sounds then ever before, from nasty basses to cutting leads and sound effects.

The mkII also boasts a significantly expanded collection of new patterns, covering every type of dance music, from today’s latest trance styles to techno, house, two-step, electro, R&B, hip-hop, drum’n’bass, big beat, IDM, trip-hop and lounge.

Audio input

When you run external audio into it, the Electribe A mkII can function as a powerful filter bank with resonance. You can also apply ring, sync, or cross-modulation to the signal, and even process it with the onboard effects.

Simple step recording

The Electribe A mkII’s step sequencer lets you use the 16 pad keys to quickly make music from the sounds you create. Since you can hear the results as well as see them while you step-record, creating a pattern is a fast and intuitive process.

“Motion Sequence” function records your knob movements

Knob movements you make to edit the sound – such as changing the volume of your sounds, or opening/closing the filter – can be recorded directly on the sequencer. You can use these to add timbral change to your phrases, panning and other motion-inducing fun. These Motion Sequences are saved in each pattern along with your sounds and phrases.

Pattern Set Play emphasizes realtime performance

By tweaking the Electribe A mkII’s knobs and using the Mute/Solo function you can create a wide range of variations in realtime while a single Pattern plays. The Pattern Set function lets you assign up to 64 patterns to the step keys, and switch between them instantly in a fluid, DJ fashion.

Control from an external sequencer

You can control the Electribe A mkII from an external MIDI sequencer, keyboard, sampler, or other device to integrate it into your current production and performance setup.

Korg ElecTribe Analog mkII Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Sound Generation :Analog modeling
Parts :2
Memory Capacity :256 patterns, 16 songs
Effects :Distortion, Tempo delay, chorus/flanger
Sequencer :(Pattern) 64 steps maximum per part, motion sequence, 1 parameter per part, 64 events (Song) 256 patterns maximum per song, event recording 65500 events maximum.
Connectors :PART 1/MIX, PART 2 (1/4" phone jack - mono x 2), Phones, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, Audio In.
Dimensions :296(W) x 220(D) x 55(H)mm
11.65"(W) x 8.66"(D) x 2.17" (H)
Weight :1.5kg / 3.31 lbs

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