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Ensoniq Fizmo Presets

Preset Bank 1

01 MovieLife Pad Rich, complex evolving pad. Play one note and tweak the "O" knob for an interesting organic effect.
02 DelArpLayers A variety of delicate arpeggiator sounds. Try different combinations of the 4 sounds and arpeggiator patterns for an endless variety of moving textures.
03 Bass&Lead A Bass/Lead split with 16th note arpeggiation on the Bass
04 DK Pad A mellow analog-style pad with vocal, string, and bell components. Mod wheel adds more resonance.
05 Phasestep VelSwt A unique split with an organic, evolving left hand and a sharp, resonant right hand lead.
06 AnaStrng Pad Lush analog string pad perfect for that big orchestral wash. "O" knob raises one of the four layers an octave. Try selecting the individual sounds or layer combinations for different string pads.
07 Eden Pad Huge evolving pad with lots going on at the touch of a single key. "O" knob raises the pitch of some components. Arpeggiator uses a special preset that sweeps the filter while letting you play keys.
08 Gargantuan Big noisy rhythmic sound that works as a bass or lead sound.
09 Percolator Splt Synth Bass on the left hand, bright comp sound with synched delays on the right hand. Arpeggiator only affects upper split.
10 ChimeHorn+ Nice analog horn sound with soft chime component. "O" knob turns chime down. Try sounds 3 and 4 for alternate horn sounds.
11 Trigger Split A bubbly rhythmic sound that follows system tempo. Left hand split is mono, right hand is polyphonic.
12 Belly Bass Bass sound with rhythmic chimes riding on top. "O" knob turns off chimes, leaving only the bass. Sounds 3 and 4 can be selected or layered for alternate bass sounds.
13 MultiBass 1 Phat chorused bass sound. "0" knob changes the octave range of some oscillators. Try different sounds layered with sound 4 for different effects.
14 Chainsaw Lead The name says it. A bright, cutting lead sound that will cut through anything. "O" knob removes the rhythmic "drumming" sound from the mix.
15 Phiz Zplit Split with an arpeggiated bass and retro lead. The "O" knob crossfades between lead sounds.
16 Sand Storm Huge pad with lots going on. "O" knob re-balances the layers in the sound to accentuate the rhythmic component
17 RhythmPad Split Warm bass/pad split. The rhythmic component of the pad is synched to clock.
18 Sharp Pad Bright velocity-sensitive pad with many uses. Try tweaking the "O" knob for a resonant low-end effect. Also arpeggiates well.
19 Arp Percs Four quick percussive synth sounds perfect for arpeggiating. Try different combinations split and/or layered. "O" knob plays with pitch and panning.
20 Twinkle Arp Great 3-way split, with bass on the bottom, an arpeggiatable chime pad in the middle, and lead on top. The "O" knob mainly affects the pad. Make sure to try with the arpeggiator.
21 EP Pad Warm Electric Piano with a analog-type pad that follows. "O" knob turns the pad component down. Try layering Sounds 3 and 4 with Sound 1 for alternate pads.
22 RandomArps A collection of arpeggiator sounds. Try different combinations for various effects. The "O" knob performs transpositions on each sound.
23 4 Leads A collection of leads. Try various combinations.
24 CC Rhythm Lead A searing lead sound with a rhythmic "chaser" component.
25 SH's A collection of Sample & Hold sounds, ranging from pitched to way out there.
26 PhizClavZplit Wacky Bass/Key split. Try tweaking the "O" knob while the bass arpeggiates!
27 Saturn Dance Bass & Pad Split. Arpeggiator only affects lower split. "O" knob lowers the level of rhythmic components, making the sound more "normal"
28 HornFrogg Stab Huge layer with velocity-triggered bass patch.
29 String Bass Splt Analog-style Bass/String split. The "O" knob crossfades between string textures.
30 Bell Bass Splt Tight synth bass on the left hand, a bell pad on the right hand. Arpeggiator only affects lower split
31 Dance Selects Noisy rhythmic groove that just keeps going. "O" knob completely changes the character of the sound.
32 Glappin VelSwtch Kind of metalic, kind of analog comp sound with a resonant blip sweeping in the background. "O" knob reduces the level of the the blips.

Preset Bank 2

33 Ray’s Interupt Rich, evolving data pad.
34 AtomicSplashDown The name says it all!
35 Big Pad A big pad with a resonant attack. Try substituting sounds 2 & 3.
36 Bellzigger A nice mellow bell preset if played with staccato notes. Holding the keys will produce an evolving bell pad. Try tweaking both the Mod Wheel and "O" knob with keys depressed.
37 4 Pads 3 Rich pad with sharp attack. Tweak the "O" knob for an interesting harmony.
38 Motion Pad A bright analog-sounding pad with nice movement and character. "O" knob changes the octave of some layers. Try playing with different combinations of Sounds 1 through 4.
39 Chaser A "one note" sound with so much going on you’ll have listen for a while just to catch on. "O" knob brings in and out the "noisy" components
40 AnaArpSelects A collection of analog-style arpeggiators. Tweak the "O" knob to add harmony, tweak the "F" knob to add sync-able rhythmic delays.
41 Arp Layer A basic set of arpeggiator sounds. The "O" knob will crossfade between sounds and add harmony.
42 ArpSplit Analog-style Bass/String split. Try different arpeggiator patterns on the bass for different effects.
43 HiPass Arps Arpeggiator preset with sweeping resonant filter. Tweak the "O" knob to add harmonies.
44 Arp Pad 1 Bright evolving pad with a quick release that works great with the arpeggiator. "O" knob turns down the wacky gliding component.
45 OutThereSplit It’s out there. A wild evolving patch that’s perfect for that next horror film score.
46 NorthHunting Pad Big evolving pad with complex, rich textures. The "O" knob fades out certain components.
47 HornPulsa Pad "Analog" horn sound with a subtle bell-like component.
48 Wut? Bright stab with a rhythmic flanger effect. "O" knob raises the octave of one of the sound components. Sounds 1-3 offer octave variations on a similar idea. Try different combinations for different sounds.
49 I.O.U. etc. This preset talks to you. Sound 1 says "I owe you." Sounds 2-4 provide an alternate selection of sounds with a somewhat "vocal quality.
50 Trance/BellSplit Left hand plays a trance chord. Chord consists of the note played, a 4th below the note, a major 2nd above the note, and a 5th above the note. Right hand plays an analog bell lead. The "O" knob changes inversion of the chord.
51 YesZap Stab Bright analog pad with a resonant blip at the beginning. "O" knob lowers the volume of the blip.
52 Rich Vel Splt Rich and unique sound suitable for pads, leads, or comp. This preset has several split and velocity-triggered components.
53 Sand Soft Pad A nice, mellow, evolving EP pad. This preset has a sweeping resonant pattern.
54 Crystal Split Very glassy and sustained pad in the lower three octaves, an arpeggiated bell pattern in the upper two octaves. The "O" knob tweaks harmonies.
55 QMe noise A bright percussive lead sound with a wild filter sweep behind it. "O" knob removes the "noisy" part.
56 Jim’s Interupt Warm, evolving lead. This preset is saved with the "O" knob fully tweaked to add harmonies. Turn the "O" knob counter-clockwise to remove harmonies.
57 Organs Leslie organ sound. "F" knob changes rotary speaker speed. "O" knob reduces "percussion component
58 4 Analogs 4 basic analog-style patches. Arpeggiator adds sweeping resonance.
59 Trans Puls Splt Split with bass in the left hand, a rhythmic speaking pad in the right hand. The "O" knob changes the character of the pad, the arpeggiator pattern will modulate the Transwave of the rhythmic pad. Try adding sound 2 to the upper split as well.
60 CozmicPad Feel the cosmos. The "O" knob will transport you to another level of existence.
61 Gruv Thang Techno split. Try sustaining the groove on C5 while soloing with the bass.
62 Vocoder Gruv Sounds 1, 2 and 3 are routed to Vocoder. Microphone input is required to hear these voices. Sound 1 plays a groove - "O" knob turns groove off. Turn "O" knob all the way up to hear only vocoder.
63 Drum Fun A synth drum map prefect for those dance grooves. Sounds 1-4 route the kit to different effects busses. "O" knob turns the drum sounds backwards. Try turning on the arpeggiator and see what kind of random madness you can generate.
64 Template Preset A handy starting point for programming your own sounds from scratch.

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