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E-Mu Planet Phatt

E-Mu Planet Phatt

Planet Phatt is a highly focused, professional tone model created specifically for hip-hop, rap, acid jazz, and trip hop musicians. Planet Phatt is 16-part multi-timbral, featuring thirty-two notes of polyphony and 640 presets. It is a superb song writing tool and a perfect addition to the modern keyboard player's studio or live setup. With its combination of filter types, MIDI synchronization LFOs, and BEATS Mode, Planet Phatt limits sound synthesis only to one's imagination.

BEATS Mode - the heart of Planet Phatt

First introduced in Orbit the Dance Planet, BEATS Mode has since been highly enhanced. It now features100 drum loops that can be synchronized to their own internal clock or an external MIDI clock. There are twenty-eight user songs and twenty-eight factory songs available. Each user song can have ten events linking beats together. Both songs and beats can be accessed from the front panel or remotely by using MIDI Song Start/Stop and Song Select commands. Another innovative function of BEATS Mode is the ability to transpose (X-Factor) the entire beat, creating completely new grooves based around a single drum loop. This functionality along with the ability to change each BEATS drum kit to an entirely new one gives Planet Phatt over ten thousand groove ideas. These drum loops will definitely not sound like anyone else's.

Spectacular presets, and lots of them

There are 640 presets found on Planet Phatt, created by talented E-mu programmers and industry experts. These presets merely scratch the surface of the types of unique and powerful sounds that can be designed using Planet Phatt's synthesizer architecture. Planet Phatt has plenty of real-time controls and destinations that allow users to create floor-slamming, heart-pounding masterpieces.

Planet Phatt - An overall solution

With the latest cutting-edge technology, Planet Phatt is designed for the urban dance scene with sounds and features no other product can match. It makes a great addition to any modern MIDI setup for users looking for the latest innovative products. Planet Phatt is the perfect overall solution for music professionals who require an individualistic, competitive edge in the business.

E-Mu Planet Phatt Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Maximum Polyphony :32 voices
Number of Multitimbral Parts :16
Memory Capacity Presets :640 preset
Memory Capacity Beats :100
Memory Capacity Songs :28
Data Encoding :16-bit linear, 18-bit DAC's
Sound Memory :8 MB
Display :16 characters X 2 lines backlit LCD
Connectors :Six Outputs (L(Mono)/R), Phones, MIDI IN / OUT / THRU
Dimensions :483(W) x 348(D) x 44(H) mm

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