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E-Mu Audity 2000

E-Mu Audity 2000

The Audity 2000 is E-mu's new rhythmic synthesizer that provides revolutionary synthesis and rhythm generation technologies to give life to your music like never before. Audity 2000 features 12th order resonant modeling filters, multiple synchronizable modulation destinations and a 16 channel Rhythm Pattern Generator/Arpeggiator. The Audity 2000 not only gives you incredible sounds and rhythms, but also the power to create new sounds and rhythm patterns to express your unique style.

Rhythmic Ecstasy

At the heart of the Audity 2000 is its advanced Arpeggiator/Rhythmic Pattern Generator that allows you to simultaneously play up to 16 fully synchronized arpeggiator patterns of incredible complexity. You can easily edit these patterns using intuitive pattern flow commands such as delay for 2 bars, play for 4 bars, hold for 2 beats and repeat.
Audity allows you to perfectly sync up to 8-LFOs and 12 envelopes in each preset to control filters, pitch, pan, volume and more, for an almost limitless number of synchronizable modulation variations. All rhythmic patterns and preset parameters can be synchronized to Audity's internal clock or external MIDI source. In addition, you can play back your other MIDI modules and samplers using Audity's Arpeggiator/Rhythmic Pattern Generator to energize your old sounds!

Synthesize, Manipulate, Create

The Audity 2000 offers a diverse palette of sounds -- from traditional analog waveforms to screaming pitched digital noise. The Audity 2000 supplies 640 motivational presets and then gives you the power to create an almost infinite number of your own hybrid sounds. Once you have blended your waveforms, sculpt them with Audity's arsenal of 12th order filters, dual 24-bit stereo-effects processor and PatchCord cord architecture to customize your sounds even further.
With Audity your sounds are never static since you can edit and modulate key parameters with Audity's four real-time knobs and then store the new presets for instant recall.
Audity 2000 brings you not only the latest sounds and features, but also has the core features that you have come to expect from E-mu: strikingly original sounds, expressive filter technology, advanced DSP FX, and a host of professional features that reflect E-mu's philosophy of powerful, yet easy-to-use products. Whether integrated into your MIDI setup or used alone, Audity 2000 will move your music to a higher ground.

E-Mu Audity 2000 Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Maximum Polyphony :32 voices
Number of Multitimbral Parts :16
Memory Capacity Presets :640 preset, 256 user
Arpeggiators :16 (100 user, 100 factory patterns)
Data Encoding :16-bit linear, 18-bit DAC's
Effects :24-bit dual stereo effects processor
Sound Memory :16 MB (expandable to 32MB)
Display :24 characters X 2 lines backlit LCD
Connectors :Six Outputs (L(Mono)/R), Phones, Stereo Digital Output, MIDI IN / OUT / THRU
Dimensions :483(W) x 348(D) x 44(H) mm

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