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Access Virus C

Access Virus C
Manufacturer: Access

Model: Virus C

Website: Access

Equally comfortable in professional studios or beside a home computer, as well suited to clubs and concerts as it is to museum soundtracks, the Virus C Desktop Synth is heir to a legendary line of predecessors, and it inherits their incredible musical traditions with flying colors.

Speaking of colors, the stunning new red display will captivate you every time, and we haven't even gotten to the best parts of the instrument yet... A quintessentially vintage modern synthesizer, the stepped-up C offers an unfathomably vast array of sonic possibilities: 32 note polyphony, 4 oscillators, 2 filters, 3 LFOs, an expanded mod matrix with 6 source and 9 destination slots, 98 effects, and more! Not just a simulation of circuits, this instrument paints a stunning replica of the very detailed big picture which gives analog and acoustic instruments their "living" sound.

And it's as user-friendly as you want a synth to be. Access knows that no artist wants their tools to demand more attention than the music itself, so Access rebuilt the Virus to bring inspiration to your fingertips. It unlocks creative freedom with improved access to the features you need, and makes music so freely you don't even need to read a manual. Let your imagination run wild with powerful undo/redo. If you're used to synths which always leave you wantying just a litte more you're in for a fantastic surprise: it's as if the Virus reads your musical DNA to replicate your wildest electronic dreams.

With an unprecedented degree of synth power behind it, and the evolution of Access music in front of it, the Virus will forever shine in your musical universe as brightly as it does in ours. Other virtual analog synths can't touch it- Access proved that with the "a" and the "b"... What then, could be better than Virus but MORE VIRUS!

Access Virus C Specifications:

Synthesizer Section
Maximum Polyphony :32 voices
Number of Multitimbral Parts :16
Memory Capacity Patches :1024 programs (256 User,768 ROM,128 Multi)
EFX :98 simultaneous DSP effects
Oscillators :4 oscillators per voice, 3 main plus one sub
LFOs :3 LFOs with 68 LFO shapes
Arpeggiator :16 independent arpeggiators with numerous arpeggiator patterns and real time parameter access/modulation including swing & note length
Display :Red backlit LCD
Connectors :2 x Input, 6 x Output, MIDI IN/OUT/THRU
Dimensions :470(W) x 185(D) x 75(H) mm
Weight :2.85 kg

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