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Image Line Software introduces Morphine 1.1

Image Line Software, the creator of FL Studio, has released its first additive synthesizer, Morphine. With a flexible architecture and low CPU usage algorithms that retain a warm sound, Morphine introduces a revolution to the world of Additive Synthesis. Available in AudioUnit, VSTi and Standalone versions.

E-MU announces its new PM5 Precision Monitor

E-MU's new PM5 Precision Monitor has been designed from the ground up to deliver hyper-accurate audio in a compact design. From its custom audiophile amplifiers (Class-A input and MOSFET output stages) to its world-class drivers and premium cabinet, the PM5 offers superior imaging and hi-end transient detail with linear frequency response rivaling compact nearfield monitors over twice the price. Professional features like overload protection, balanced/unbalanced inputs, and treble, bass and input sensitivity controls ensure that the PM5 will seamlessly integrate into any studio environment.

MPCsounds.com has just released the 'Platinum Rhythmz 2' sequel

MPCsounds.com has just released the 'Platinum Rhythmz 2' sequel drum loop library for the Akai MPC1000/2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 drum samplers.
The 'Platinum Rhythmz 2' library is offered as 2 separate sets for the Akai MPC2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 and as 1 complete set for the MPC1000. Sets are available on MPC Zip Disk, MPC CD-ROM & Download.

Akai MPC1000 Black Edition

Akai annouces a black MPC1000: the MPC 1000 BK. All the features from his Blue brother are copied to this black machine.
The Akai Professional MPC1000BK Music Production Center combines a 64-Track MIDI Sequencer and a 32-voice Stereo Digital Sampler, with 16 velocity and pressure sensitive rubber pads in a compact and rugged package that makes it ideal for carrying around.

Korg announces TR Music Workstation

Introducing the KORG TR Music Workstation. Start with Korg's proven Hyper Integrated sound engine - the synthesis system that has made the TRITON a world-wide standard. Add in a comprehensive 64 MB ROM which includes many new sounds - as well as Korg classics. Bring it all up-to-date with totally new features including USB MIDI capabilities and reliable, portable SD card data storage. Package it all in a sleek black body housing Korg's classic 16-track sequencer, superb effects engine, and top it off with a clear and user-friendly interface.

Yamaha announces MO6 and MO8

Yamaha introduces the MO Music Production Synthesizer. Targeted to semi-professional musicians and home/project studio owners as well as songwriters and performers, the MO provides a full set of authentic sounds and comprehensive music-making features - including an emphasis on contemporary styles and voices. Highly portable and compact, the MO also serves as an ideal keyboard for live performance situations.

Drums On Demand Volume 2

Drums On Demand has announced the release of Volume 2 - a companion CD to the company's popular first volume of live session drummer loops. The new CD includes nearly 800 royalty free loops in 35 Songs Sets comprising several new features, including more loops per Song Set and many longer loops.

FL Studio 4

Image Line Software just release FL Studio 4 who will replace the Fruityloops Software range. FL Studio is based upon the Fruityloops technology, but got a major update in both looks and features.

Roland V-Synth

The Roland V-Synth opens up a world of new sounds full of life and motion. Imagine a synth that combines multiple oscillator technologies with realtime control of a waveform's pitch, time and formant. Now add user sampling to create entirely new waveforms, powerful COSM filtering, a killer arpeggiator and a host of realtime controllers including the revolutionary TimeTrip Pad. That's the Roland V-Synth: a distinctive new instrument set to inspire those passionate about sound.

Roland Fantom-S

Roland's Fantom-S workstation keyboards are a complete solution for professional music production. The 61-note Fantom-S and 88-note Fantom-S88 both feature seamless integration of audio and MIDI - plus advanced sampling with realtime timestretch, sample chop and new 'Skip Back Sampling'. A Dynamic Pad Bank makes it easy to arrange and trigger audio, while all-new factory sounds, an onboard mastering processor and USB file exchange give the Fantom-S the power to take your music from idea to completion.

Korg microKORG

Korg have announced the launch of the microKORG. With 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs, the microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for the performer, producer, computer musician or beginner looking for an affordable synthesizer.

E-MU Vintage Pro

E-mu have announced the launch of the Vintage Pro module. This 1U unit offers the full range of classic keyboard sounds from the 60's to the 80's.
It offers a 32MB soundset coupled with four knobs allowing real-time control of 12 parameters, 128-voice polyphony, six analogue outputs, three Proteus expansion slots and digital out.

Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox

The Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox is an entirely new type of professional music workstation. With expandable synthesis including new ROM waveforms and professional sampling, the worlds of audio and MIDI are fused together in an ultra-intuitive environment. Factor in a pro-level sequencer and effects - plus a USB port for exchanging samples and sequences with a PC - and the MC-909 has everything producers need to complete their musical vision.

Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 4

ACID PRO 4.0 includes new features and functionalities that make it the premier music-creation application.
Work with MIDI, VSTi, and ASIO in ACID. Use new plug-in effects. Mix in 5.1 surround sound. Write in alternate signatures. Create your music effortlessly, with a wide array of new options and opportunities.

Native Instruments FM7

With the FM7 Native Instruments reawakens the legendary FM synthesis and brings it to a next level.
The FM7 goes far beyond just emulating. It adds distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation capabilities, a comprehensive effects section, audio input and much more to the classic FM architecture.

XVEdit Pro

Soundtower.com announces the release of XVEdit Pro for the Roland XV series of synthesizers.
XVEdit Pro is a full-scale editor and librarian program for the Roland XV-5080, XV-3080, XV-88 and XV-5050 series of synthesizers.

NAMM 2003 report

FM7 Sounds Vol. 1
Professional sound designers and FM synthesis experts developed this new collection of presets which can easily be loaded into the FM7 software synthesizer.
The 256 included presets were specially designed to benefit from the powerful sound synthesis abilities of this highly advanced FM synthesizer.

Native Instruments FM7
With the FM7 Native Instruments reawakens the legendary FM synthesis and brings it to a next level.
The FM7 goes far beyond just emulating. It adds distortion and filter operators, extensive modulation capabilities, a comprehensive effects section, audio input and much more to the classic FM architecture.

Reason 2
PropellerHead Software, creators of Rebirth, Reason and Recycle, announce Reason 2 for the PC and Mac. Reason is a software analog synth, sampler and Recycle! based loop player.

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